Friday, January 8, 2010

Television: Are you LOST again?

So I'm rewatching all my old DVD sets of LOSTto get back into the swing of things for the early February premiere of the sixth and last season of the show. I seem to remember TPTB stating we were only getting five seasons, but what the hey, it's a good show, I won't quibble.

While watching the first seasonand knitting my daughter's new sweater, I have been struck by how many times the affectionate term "brother" has been used on the show. And far ahead of its use by Desmond, I might add. Since it was a key means for Jack to identify Desmond, it seems odd to me that both Hurley and Sawyer have used it. It occurs to me that this is the type of phrase that would be an idiosyncratic character trait, not something in wide usage. I suppose I should take this to mean that the writer himself is in love with it, and shared it with all. It annoys me when anyone other than Desmond uses it now.

Right now I am back up to the point where Locke is trying to break into the mysterious hatch in the middle of nowhere. I think everything will be alright again as soon as he gets in there.

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