Friday, January 29, 2010

Television: Who, Bishop, Winchester

I am totally captivated by three shows at the moment... the new "Dr. Who", courtesy of Netflix's "watch it now" streamed over my TV, "Fringe", and "Supernatural".  I'm trying to avoid obvious spoilers.

Last night's "Supernatural" was a hoot... a teenage magic-dabbler pulled a Freaky Friday on Sam.  It was hilarious and terrible at the same time.

Fringe dipped into the Bishop family past, letting us know a bit about Robert Bishop, Walter's father.  It also gave us insight into just how much Peter's opinion of his father has changed.  Next week appears to be a humdinger of a mythology episode, getting back to events in "the pattern".  Walter trying to match-make Olivia and Peter was cute.  Even mad scientists can get nostalgic at weddings.

The new Dr. Who has been my go-to show for knitting this week.  I started over at the beginning, taking me through Christopher Eccleson into David Tennant, who is my favorite Doctor so far.  I record an entertainment show on BBCA, "The Graham Norton Show"  somewhat like other late-night shows, where they had a Tennant Who special with various other guests as well.  It was hilarious.  If you're an Anglophile at all, like me, I highly recommend it.  They have American guests you'd recognize quite frequently.  I think Robert Downey Jr. was promoting "Sherlock Holmes" a few weeks ago.

I have also recently discovered that I can get all my Revision 3 video podcasts delivered automatically to my TiVo.  The Totally Rad Show, Diggnation, and HD Nation now pop up on my "What's Playing" list and I LOVE it.  I finally don't feel like I'm months behind.

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