Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knitting: I'm late, you're late, everybody's LATE

Well it is Wednesday and I'm not done with my daughter's Jill Cardigan, which is just as well because I only received shipping notice on the zipper Monday and the USPS tracking number STILL is not in the system. Which means it's still sitting at the warehouse before some lazy-butt drops it at the post office.

The release of the Star Trek Online open beta yesterday didn't help on my end, that's for sure.

I am trying really hard to have a more organized knitting life this year. No more buying yarn because it's on sale if I don't have a project planned for it. No more buying $60 worth of yarn for a sweater when I've got a gazillion skeins in a different color smooshed into a space bag behind the couch. No more buying a pattern just because it's CUTE. And for God's sake, pruning the million and one patterns out of my queue on Ravelry which are only there because they look *interesting*. I have no more room for knitted crap that I will never wear... the Fish Hat being the one exception to the rule.

This is why I am questioning that although I have two space bags full of yarn stash, why I need to buy 18 skeins of Swish in white, when I've got ten skeins of Wool of the Andes in Firecracker heather just because I want my new sweater to be machine washable. Well, A) I look better in pure white than an orangey red, and B) having knit my daughter's sweater in Swish, now I want some. The extra skeins would be for a hat and matching mittens. That freaking bus stop is cold in the mornings. Like, Minnesota when I was in fifth grade cold.

They should call it "Global Changing" instead of "Global Warming". Seriously.

My Ravelry queue has changed. After the Jill sweater is done I plan on knitting the Ulmus Rectangle from the piles of sock yarn I have. If I'm not too crazy after that, a pair of mittens from the new book I bought(another habit I need to pare down... buying knitting books), and then the Knit Picks "Classic Lines Cardigan" which I've had the yarn for for almost a YEAR.

More stash knitting. That's the goal.

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