Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gaming: It's getting bad out there...

When I used to work at a little medical equipment refurbishing firm called Comdisco (yes, that really was the name, and no, John Travolta never visited) they used to give us the Monday after the Superbowl off every year.  Can you tell it was a mostly-male workplace?  At least it wasn't like the conference I went to for Radio Shack managers where they threw hot peppers at the audience and the guys waved them around like penises while the three women in the audience rolled our eyes.  But I digress... I took Monday off because after a weekend of chips and dip, I felt I wouldn't have much to contribute in the food arena.

As far as gaming, I haven't done much new either.  With my purchase of the Windows 7 upgrade, I pretty much had to stick with what games I already have.  Not that there's a lot of choices on the market at the moment.

I've been sticking with Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and the ever-changing array of complete-them-in-one-day casual games on Big Fish Games.

STO has improved, somewhat, since the beta and headstart ended.  Windows 7 helped my machine's performance in that regard too... by fully utilizing the 4G of RAM, which XP never could do properly, things run smoother.  This is also probably helped by the new video card.  Whatever the reason, I've reached Lieutenant 7 with my joined Trill character, and once I figured out to turn off dynamic lighting, I stopped crashing on ground missions.

The new skirmish play mode on LoTRO is fun and fulfilling even if you only have twenty minutes to play.  It's a shame you have to play PvE to get past the tutorial for it and access it, though, since my favorite character is currently in Moria, and that place is seriously kicking my ass.  Do you know how long it would take me to travel, in real-world time, to get someplace better?  Forty-five minutes.  I'm not kidding.  These days, I hardly want to play forty-five minutes straight, much less watch my gal on the back of the horse while I do nothing but knit.

Other than those two, it's been "Vacation Mogul" on Big Fish Games, one of those time-management building games.  Whoopie.  I really contribute very little to society, don't I?  :P

Tomorrow... my knitting.  Or lack of change thereof.

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