Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knitting: Still the Same

I'm still knitting the Classic Lines Cardigan... or I should say, I'm still NOT knitting it.  This project has either killed my desire to knit, or it's the slowest project in the world.

My resolution this year was to whittle down my stash.  My approach to this was in two ways... I would only buy yarn when I have a specific project in mind for it, and I would try to pick more projects based on yarns I already have.  Therefore, if I have 60,000 yards of laceweight, I will knit patterns based on laceweight, and I will not BUY any laceweight.  No, not even if it's on sale, or a color is about to be retired and it's my "last chance".  I slipped up a little bit last week... kits were on sale last week, so I bought the Mrs. Foster kit, "Carmen Banana", and a kit for the houndstooth bag in red. 

Have I knitted the Mr. Foster kit yet that I bought last year?  No.

So when I say I really don't want to cast on another project, I do mean it... I also want to focus on one project at a time so that I don't end up giving up on things and the yarn just sits there.  I would also like to find a use for all the little leftovers I have... a whole skein here, a partial skein there.  My problem is that they are all different weights, and different fibers.  While I appreciate the frugality of crocheting an afghan from yarn scraps, I don't think you should mix superwash with handwash wool.  The squares are also going to look a little funky if you use different weights.

What I should do is dump that placemat project off of my rigid heddle loom that I haven't touched for a year, and make scrap-yarn scarves.  It was just really, really time-consuming to put that warp on the loom.  I'd hate to cut it off and start over.  I suppose I could cut it off and use the warp that's already on there... I think I wound on enough for at least two scarves.  Side by side, too... so four scarves total maybe?  Hmmm...

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