Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gaming: Neighbors stealing cable

So I published my blog yesterday at about 7:30, went to the bus stop with my daughter, and returned at about 8:00.  The internet was down.  My cable TV was also a fuzzy, red and snowy mess.  I could not get on the internet all day.

Considering how much I complain about people getting away from their roots, losing the self-sufficiency of our pioneering anscestors, you'd think that I wouldn't find this a terrible inconvenience.  With one of my knitting/spinning/wire-wrapping hands on the injured list, though, I was finding it VERY inconvenient.  I couldn't email my husband to stop for bread on the way home.  When I needed a clarification on a beading technique I was having problems with, I couldn't look up a tutorial online.  And I had horrible visions of a customer placing an order that I would never see because I couldn't get to my email.

Well, obviously it's back up again.  The main tap into the apartment complex was eroded, and the repair guy swapped it out and everything was dandy.  I found out in the course of things, though, that my downstairs neighbor was stealing cable.  It makes me wonder if he switched things around down there to make his stealing more convenient, because to go from great to crappy in the space of a half-hour seems suspicious.  No matter.  They slam their door all the time anyway.

Anyhoo, I WAS playing a lot of Star Trek: Online up until this debacle.  Yesterday it was a lot of Plants vs. Zombies while I waited.  I still have plans to get Bioshock 2, but possibly not next payday since I have my eye on some metalsmithing tools, and they are pricey.  I think I need to learn to be a machinist so I can make these tools to sell, instead of busting my ass on jewelry and fiber.  $46 for a 4x4 inch square bench block?  It's a completely smooth square!  You don't even want to know what they're charging for a dapping block with mirror-finish depressions for doming sheet metals.

So that's the state of my gaming life this week.  TMI?

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