Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gaming: Nay, Captain

Star Trek: Online (STO) moves out of the pre-order headstart today and into release.  Cryptic is out of their everlovin' minds.  There are still strings of quests where you don't get 'credit' once completing a section, or necessary parts of the ground missions never spawn, not to mention the numerous times I've been dumped out of the game due to glitches or server errors.  Various patches have made it a better game than I've previously reported, but it's not terribly *polished*.  Compared to their own superhero effort, "Champions Online", you can really see the difference.  I think they need six more months.

Here's what I think happened... some suit pushed for a 2009 Christmas season release.   "Have to get it in stores by Christmas!" but then it got pushed back for a little work.  You ask me, they'd be better off pushing it off until right before the summer school break.  They might get some of the kinks worked out by then.

There's still far too much space battle for my tastes, but either I've gotten used to it, or it isn't as prominent as it was in beta.  I still don't want to pay $250 for a lifetime subscription... not for this thing, anyway.  This version is like Original Trek... plenty of trek flavor, but if you look really closely you can see the zipper on the Gorn costume and the strings holding up the ship.  What I want in my game is sleek, slick, 2009 trek movie reboot Trek... so pretty it hurts your eyes.

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