Friday, February 26, 2010

Television: In other words, I hope you like sports, Lady.

So the other day I watched the US women's Curling team compete.  You just know some bored Minnesotan or Canadian thought this one up... let's see, we have a rock, and a bunch of ice, how can we amuse ourselves?

Hey, I'm from Minnesota, originally.  I know winter boredom.

Kind of like now.  With the Olympics on, suddenly we have two months of no original programming from the networks.... V, Fringe, Supernatural, and a host of others are on hiatus until the Olympics are over.

Is it just me, or have television hiatuses, in much the same way the children's school year has changed, gotten longer and more frequent?  Used to be a show started in the fall, they maybe took a break for Christmas, and then were on until what, May? 

Since I added Television to my blog format, though, it seems like I'm constantly apologizing for lack of content because NOTHING IS ON.  I realize the television medium is evolving.  With instant streaming and the crap-ton of free content on the internet, things must change.

I just miss the days when I would get excited as a kid because it was a Friday night during the school year and I knew that "Buck Rogers" would be on.  You know I can't even watch that show now?  I wince at the complete cheesiness of it all, though I know the dialogue from some of the episodes by heart, because I would use an audio tape recorder (VCRs were still $1000 items back then) to record and re-play the episodes.  I didn't know at the time that Buck Rogers was originally a radio show, so the irony was lost on me, but I would play those tapes in my room for hours during the summer when I was bored out of my mind.

The one shining beacon through this sports-heavy time is LOST.  Supposedly this is the final season, the "season of answers", but we're... what?  Five episodes in, and so far they've only obliquely answered what the smoke monster is.   Everything else?  No.  Are the answers so simple to convey, so basic, that they're going to fritter away these precious last episodes with filler and "reminder" episodes to bring up things we may have forgotten?  Did we really need to revisit the Adam and Eve skeletons in the cave?  Do we really need NEW locations and mysteries, such as the Lighthouse, introduced at this point?  It may have answered the question as to how Jacob could find the survivors on the mainland in their childhoods or earlier days, and influence their lives, but the basic core of it, the "just what the hell is going on?" of it, has not been addressed at all.  Five seasons of questions building up, can you really waste time getting to the answers?

Not if you want the story to blow people's minds.

Ditto with the side-reality... the reality that would have been had the island never intervened in their lives... seems to have no bearing on "our" reality.  More time wasting.  Get to the meat of it, already.  I've had it up to here with appetizers.

Geeze I complain a lot.

In other news, hubby's quarterly bonus check has come in, so we are dragging me to the eye doctor today.  I know my eyes are bad, and my contacts are getting really bad, because I keep mis-reading things in print and on the internet.  It makes for some very amusing mental dialogue while reading Ravelry forum topic headers.  It doesn't help that I tend to skim a lot.  In fact, while re-reading this paragraph for proof-reading, I read "bonus check" as "boom check".  Oh yes.  That makes total sense.

Hopefully this will lessen my frustration with beading.  I was having a heck of a time doing tubular peyote stitch around some 8mm pearls last night.  I finally threw it down in disgust, because I just couldn't SEE how the beads were lining up.  My tension was for crap too, but I probably could have fixed it if everything wasn't so hazy.

Anyhoo, I will see you folks again on Monday, assuming I don't find something I must share with you RIGHT NOW over the weekend.

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