Friday, February 19, 2010

Television: Kurt Russell on the BBC

I record a program from BBC-America called "The Graham Norton Show".  It's what the "Tonight Show" would be if it was hosted on a cable network by a flamboyantly gay man.  It's hilarious!  This week's guests were Kurt Russell and Jenny Eclair.  Jenny is a comedienne from "Grumpy Old Women", and she's a stitch.  They covered many topics, mostly about Kurt's career, and I found out some very interesting things that I didn't know.

  • His first acting job at about 10 years old was kicking Elvis in the shins.
  • Walt Disney was like a grandfather to him.  He died after writing Kurt's name (so sad).
  • He purposely drowned (with rescue personnel standing by) while filming "Poseidon" for a more realistic portrayal.
With the disillusionment I've felt recently with certain actors I've admired, it's nice to see someone in the business who seems wholesome and down-to-earth.  This episode isn't being re-aired this week, but catch it in reruns if you can.  Olivia Newton John and Anna Pacquin episodes are airing later this week, so if you have any interest in them, try to catch them.  It's a really funny show, and worth a watch.

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