Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Knitting: Uh...

Okay, I did some crocheting.  Just a one-afternoon headband, nothing to be alarmed about.  That's the one thing about crocheting, once you get a rhythm going the projects move fast.  I wish I liked the type of fabric it makes, then I might do more of it.

Still working on the classic lines cardigan.  I don't know why I thought the body would go faster than it is, but I've only managed four inches.  Mind you, I've already turned up the hem, so that's another inch and a half of knitting that just.... gets you nowhere.  I think the reason I busted out the crochet hook was because this endless stockinette in the round, even with shaping decreases and a third strand added every six rows, is BO-ring.  All the Doctor Who in the world can't make that better.

I've rearranged and added to my Ravelry queue (I know... shocking!) changing a few things around and moving the Zarabel Sweater to the top.  Wrenna is still hovering around there, but honestly the sheer volume of posts on the support group about how it's worded, and how confusing it is (and the fact that I GAVE UP on it) makes me hesitant to try again.

At this point, I'm so bored with the stockinette, I may have to take on another project... and I was doing so well with my resolutions.  BUT I may make it an afghan or something in crochet... it's semantics, but it works.

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