Friday, February 5, 2010

Television: A Trio of Time-Travellers

"Supernatural" is still continuing to amaze and delight.  The Winchester boys, along with Castiel, the friendly angel, travelled back in time to save the boys' parents... again.  Because it worked out so *well* the time before.

"Fringe" dropped the big plot bomb on us last night right before they quit until after the Olympics!  They return on April Fool's Day.  Olivia manages to recapture her ability to see what things have travelled to our universe from alternate ones.  Rabid fans of the show can guess what happened last night without a spoiler.

Speaking of Time Travel, LOST is back, baby!  The two-hour premiere makes me think that they squandered two hours they could have spent *answering* questions creating new ones instead.  Oh well, they're the ones that have to figure out how to wrap it all up in one season, not me.

"The Mentalist" amused me last night.  Jayne once again used his carnival-huckster skills to solve a crime, but he managed to dump a $100,000 car off a cliff in the process... and gets a free Mercedes out of the deal.  Tell me what universe THAT happens in.

Ladies, don't forget you're losing the television all day Sunday for the Superbowl.  The signs are there, you just have to look for them... bags of chips and salsa mysteriously appear, your husband has dragged the grill out from the garage, and for one week of the year you don't have to remind him to take out the trash.  Just hope that a few of the ads during the bowl mention Valentine's Day, and it should even out.

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