Thursday, February 25, 2010

Store Stuff: This week's agenda

This week for the business side of things I have a shipment of jewelry supplies coming in... Nymo and silamide thread, a wide array of seed and Rocaille beads, an assortment of Austrian crystal beads in 3 and 4mm sizes, headpins, eyepins, etc.  They were on sale and you can never have too many headpins on hand.  And if I can save a couple hours of work getting pre-made eyepins instead of rolling my pliers myself, I'll do it.

I will probably be entering inventory receipts into the computer until NEXT week.  There's over fifty items.  In fact, since I installed Windows 7 a few weeks ago, I just realized I have to reinstall my inventory management software.  Oy.

And I should probably get ready to do the new-fiscal-year merchandise inventory.  Blech.  I wonder if I can hire a highschool kid as an apprentice to do it?

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