Thursday, January 29, 2009

Betty Crocker done me wrong!

I swear, I will try to cut down on the "dialogue from a western" style titles for my blog posts.

So, I'm making brownies (from a mix, obviously) and as I'm stirring in the wet team of ingredients, I find not one, but *two* mysterious lumps of... something... in my batter. So I fish them out, and they look like globs of something that dripped out of a hot glue gun... you know, like plastic. Funny thing, though, this mix came in a stand-alone foil-ish pouch. There's no plastic to be seen unless it's the coating on the pouch? Weird.

So, no brownies for me. :( If I caught two pieces, how many more are there that I didn't catch?

On the shop side of things, you may notice a new addition to my side bar. Yep, I joined Artfire. At first I wasn't going to. I didn't want to have to juggle two shops, keep track of what I listed where, etc. But I'm really starting to warm up to them and like their style. For one thing, unlike another site, they advertise for you. They also don't charge fees. Now if the traffic is there, I will totally switch over.... or run both side by side.

No new items today, as I just couldn't shake the chill I got from going outside in the below-freezing weather we are having. In fact, it is after noon and my feet are still cold... probably from a draft because Texans have no idea how to build a place that's draft-free. I'm surprised housing even has walls. :/ Forget insulation or weather-stripping.

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