Friday, January 23, 2009

Stupid math!

Okay, there was a reason I got a D in freshman math, and it was not stupidity related... it was boy related. (Although the argument could be made that's the same thing) But still, you'd think that two people as smart as Barronius and myself would be able to figure out that if he's getting paid more often, he'll be getting paid *less* each paycheck.

Yeah, we were *that* dumb.

Fortunately, now that the change-over waiting period is over, we know it will be exactly two weeks until he gets paid again. No more "what day is the fifteenth on again? A Sunday? So will it hit the bank Saturday or Monday?"

He says we'll still be able to get my workbench... where I was paying for half, and the "house" was paying for half (actually, more like 75% if I wanted an adjustable work chair to go with it. $70 for a hydraulic adjustable bench stool? Really?) I might have to take the martyr route though and say we should hold off. Because while I really like getting new work toys (Spinning wheel FTW!) I really hate having to try to pull dinner out of a hat... even if I am MacGuyver in the kitchen.

"Let's see... 3lbs. of frozen chicken leg quarters, a can of spinach, and egg noodles..." Yeah, I can make dinner out of that, but would you want to *eat* it?

Still, our philosophy, culled from hours upon hours of playing PC games, is "invest in what makes you money... so you make more money" So if that means investing in a work bench for me, or new work golf shirts for him, we usually do it.

We're going to be eyeing those numbers pretty darn close though.

And my new bench will be so *pretty*. Built-in lighting (fluorescent though, ugh). FOUR built in power outlets. And spiffy pegboard backsplash so I can get my tools up off the work surface. Real drawers, ones that can withstand 99lbs of weight. You have no idea how happy this freakin' bench would make me. Honey, forget diamonds, get me tools for our anniversary.

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