Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I feel so wired in...

Yesterday's quickie post was a photo taken on my phone (no, really!) and posted straight from it during the rinse stage of the dye process. It looks much better if you only look at the thumbnail. LOL In my defense I got my phone wet... well okay, just the keypad.

I may or may not be posting that roving to my shop. I was trying a new color, and it came out rather spotty, which is fine in some rovings, but here it's a little annoying. The "scarlet" is also much browner than represented by my supplier. Ah well this is why I warn my customers about monitor calibration... dyer heal thyself, eh?

It was cold enough to see my breath again this morning... who needs to be homesick for Minnesota when Texas is freezing its collective butt off?

I spent a half an hour looking for my Microsoft Money 2004 disk yesterday... it sat on my desk for *months* unneeded and flopping over at the most inconvenient times right across my mousepad (desk space is at a premium) and yesterday it was really, really hard to find. Whilst I was looking, however, I found yet another box of bead stock... so for the rest of the week I will probably be sorting through and doing *inventory*. Yes, I know I said I'd do that two weeks ago. Cest la vie.

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