Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The world's ugliest freebie

I do love my jewelry suppliers... most of the ones I gravitated towards offer bulk buying incentives, or freebies with every order. But I have to say that my first freebie since I went back to jewelry has me at a loss:

Do people, somewhere, *wear* this kind of thing!? It wouldn't be so bad if the shells were those pretty peachy-pink, shiny type of shells, but they're sort of a mottled grayish-blue, and possibly dyed. The spacer beads are the cheap plastic kind that have molded seams around each side, and the rounds have some kind of cheap AB coating on them that is already scratched off in places.

I may repurpose the smaller shells into stitch markers, but I have no idea what to do with the focal shell or its slightly smaller brothers.

I do have some new stitch markers that are going up into the shop this afternoon... some nice fluorite ones that are mostly green with streaks of amethyst purple through them. It sounds like a gross combination of colors, but it works.

I hope no one thinks these are the ugly freebies in the title, heh.

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