Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My neighbor done pissed me off...

I live in an apartment building. Each building is really four units, connected together. I'm on the second floor, and my downstairs neighbor is great. My side neighbor though...

We both have kids in the same grade, so we kind of made like friends right at the beginning of the school year down at the pick-up spot for the bus. She had this rather horrible tale of how they were starting over from scratch because her drug-addicted brother stole everything she owned of value. I thought, wow, I can relate because of the whole hurricane Katrina thing. The drug addict brother kind of gave me pause, but hey, you can't pick family, right?

So if she was complaining about not having money for gas for the car, or whatever, I'd help out if I could. I mean, I'd rather give a helping hand to someone I actually know than send it off to some anonymous charity where a percentage goes to administration costs.

But here's the thing people... if you get paid on Friday, and you go get take-out food three nights in a row, don't come complaining to me on Tuesday about how you're broke and don't have money for stuff. I mean, DUH! I see how you are... you'll go and buy luxuries that *I don't even get for myself* so that when the money runs out, you can say that you don't have it for the actual necessities. Screw that... I am not your supplemental income.

So anyway... on the crafty front, I am finally trying something I've always wanted to try doing... knitting with straight, unspun roving. I had a couple of braids that turned out rather... blech, so last night I just ripped a pinkie-sized strip off of one of them and cast on a hat. It works up like a really bulky single, and if I don't let it get too fat, or draft it a bit so that it stays semi-thin, it's really easy to knit with. Splitting is kind of a problem with my Knit Picks DPNs, I just have to be careful where I stick the points (don't we all? Hah).

In the shop, I couldn't resist listing two items yesterday, one of which is this cute little aventurine/jasper bracelet. A guy might even be able to pull off wearing this if it was a dressy occasion. It's eight inches, which is a little large on me (bony wrists, lol) but I'm getting the feeling that that's small for other folks... what do you think? Comment here if you have an opinion.


  1. I found your blog through etsy. you have some nice stuff in your shop. I thought you might like this brownie recipe. It is super easy so you never have to give up having brownies because there is some unknown objects in the mix.

    Ok, here goes.

    1 cup sugar
    1/2 cup flour
    1 stick softened butter
    3-4 TBS cocoa (hersheys is good)
    dash salt
    1 tsp vanilla
    2 eggs

    mix all this together for about a minute. Pour into buttered pan. I use an aluminum pie pan (even the leftover ones from frozen pies works). Bake in 350 degree preheated oven for 30 minutes. If it looks a little soft in the middle add a couple minutes. the top usually looks slightly cracked when done. It is simple and excellent.

  2. Thank you for letting me know how you found my blog. That brownie recipe looks very nice indeed. Thanks!