Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bloody Brilliant!

No, I have not pulled a Madonna and decided after 40 years that I'm suddenly British. It's just the most accurate title I could think of...

Part of my New Year's thing is that I planned to be more organized. To that end, I purchased a large corkboard to put up to keep swatches, color ideas, and notes. It arrived yesterday, and so today I made the foray into my husband's dangerous office to find the tool bag.

He didn't warn me there was an *exacto knife blade* in one of the pockets.

Granted, it looks as though it was originally stored with safety in mind... a paperclip was looped through the guide hole on one end (it's for those little pen-type exacto knives) and then it was clipped inside the pocket. The problem comes when said tool bag has moved with us four times, been beaten around, and then left under a pile of empty boxes. A nice, finger-slicing half inch had worked its way through the leather pocket it was tucked into.

So here I am, freaking out because it looks like I got a finger-stick test from nurse Ratchett on steroids, and the blade looks a teensy bit rusty, when this spider the *size of a freakin' quarter* makes its way out of another pocket in the bag.

The empty bag is outside now. Hubby will just have to deal.

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