Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Browser Bummer...

That's it, I'm switching browsers again. I was sticking with Firefox for most of my internet usage, but more and more often lately it's had little quirks that have made doing things impossible. (See previous post about how Google products refused to let me sign in to any of them in Firefox)

Then, last night while trying to read Dubious Quality my screen was flickering on and off so badly that I couldn't even find the place I left off before it went dark again... like my monitor was trying to go to sleep over and over. (I should tell you it's been doing this for months, but usually only once every hour or so) I want to emphasize that it *only does this in Firefox*. The screen "flicker" drives me crazy, I've done extensive testing, and it only does it in FF, and then only on certain web pages... like Bloglines.

Well, I've had enough. I originally switched to FF two years ago because of the horrible rumors about IE's bad password security. I don't keep up on these things like I should, but I would imagine they've been patched by now.

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