Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ha! Or How I Saved $100 and My Sanity...

Yep, I couldn't take it anymore. The constant memory-hogging. The flaky behavior. It. Had. To. Stop. So I bit my lip and wiped my hard drive, rolling back to Windows XP pro... goodbye Vista!

You would not believe the short loading time now. With Vista, I could restart the machine, go make a sandwich, and watch an episode of Xena, and that thing would still be loading by the time I got back. Now I can barely get a cup of water before that opening music plays.

The best part is that I could also roll back to Office 2003, which my Jewelry design manager software *absolutely* required (funny how they don't advertise the fact that someone else actually did most of the programming)so my software works again! I don't have to buy Quickbooks pro after all.

We'll be seeing later today if Amazon's Unbox program will be cranky. If it works, my life is pretty much set.

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