Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well... sigh.

It looks as though I will no longer be selling roving, yarn, or any other type of fibery goods from my Etsy shop. (And I just spent $300 on inventory, and R&D stock) My shop received a mortal wound in the form of feedback recently, made worse by the fact that it was TOTALLY deserved. I'd been fooling myself for a year thinking I could work around it, manage it, or change the conditions at home, but let's face it... if I could control people and get them to change, I'd be married to Rick Springfield and living in New Zealand or something.

This whole thing has left me somewhat depressed, to be honest. I couldn't look at anything fiber-related for two days. Then a fit of artistic expression took over as I tried to dye myself into feeling better... you do not want to see what came out of the dye studio that day. :/ It was bad. I have finally gotten back to knitting yesterday, but my heart just isn't in it... although trying to stick to a resolution that I would finish all my current projects before casting any new ones on is not helping. Anyhoo...

I'd divorce the chiminy I'm married to, but he's very handy for things like opening jar lids and replacing the water bottle on the watercooler, and I'd hate to give that up. :D

So it looks like I'll be switching to non-absorbant goods. Heck, people will probably still complain. We'll see. I'm leaning heavily towards candles and soaps. Paintings are on canvas, so that's out. So is kit bags for knitting projects (part of the R&D money was towards sewing patterns... such timing. I'd been thinking about it for three months). I might possibly go back to jewelry, but I'm pretty sure my aesthetic sense for that got lost somewhere... if I ever had it.

Anyway, expect changes over the next month or so. It's been a great year, and I want to thank all of you for being the great customers you are. I hope I'll continue to see you in the future!

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