Monday, January 12, 2009

Changeover has begun

Well the first of the jewelry resupply orders came in today... and the first of the stitch markers went up! I think they turned out really cute for only having leftover supplies on hand from *three years ago* when I wasn't even making stitch markers. Once I start whittling down my old supplies, I have some definite ideas as to how I want to construct them "better".

Next planned purchase for the business is the workbench I have been wanting to get for ten years... a real, proper one with electrical knockouts on the front and shelving. Pegboard "backsplash" so I can organize my tools instead of scattering them across the universe. Sorry hubby, the plastic card table isn't going to cut it if I'm going to be soldering... although it's good if you want to drill holes in the surface to make a jig system. :P

And... upgrading my software from Money Small Business 2004 to the slightly more robust (for inventory tracking) Quickbooks Pro. That would have been in the works no matter what, but for the jewelry thing it's even more crucial, as there are a *lot* of fiddly little parts to track. And it's a lot easier to lose a 3x3 baggie of stitch markers than a 4oz. braid of roving, let me tell you.

Tomorrow... Indian Silver stitch markers.

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