Friday, January 9, 2009

The magpie in me won the war

So, I was going through all my old "stash" of jewelry stuff, looking for things to cull out to make room for what was going to be my new product, candles, when I realized I still love jewelry. I never wear it, but boy, I could look at sparkly pretty things all day long. In fact, I did. Instead of planning ahead for what equipment I needed to make candles, and prioritizing my purchases, I went shopping for bits and sparklies.

Oy. Big mistake... sort of. I spent all day on my old favorites, comparing prices, seeing what's new, and occasionally seeing improvements in the old suppliers' web stores.

I have now decided that instead of investing in new equipment and supplies for candles, (and starting over with yet another learning curve) I will merely straighten out my jewelry stash and go back to jewelry. Maybe add some clever stitch markers to my bag of tricks. Inventory would certainly be more compact... right now I have stacks of 40 gallon rubbermaid tubs all over the apartment. If I went with candles, my inventory storage needs would most likely grow. With jewelry, even a 100 listing inventory would fit into *one* of my tubs with room to spare.

Not to mention that the main reason I gave up jewelry in the first place was because I couldn't find a decent sales venue without travelling to a bazillion shows and craft fairs. Now that I've found Etsy, that problem is solved.

I will continue to sell roving until my current stock is all gone. I still have some undyed stock that I may or may not dye up and list... I have been itching to try spinning up some natural bulky for a sweater, and I think I have just enough left.

Of course, my knitting has been making me crazy enough recently that I may just switch to knitting nothing but dishrags. At least they're quick and easy.

I am *still* working on my Scorched Snapdragon socks, and the end looks very far away. Freakin' tiny needles. Freakin' tiny yarn. I swear, if I ever cast on a sock again, it's going to be a plain Jane sock all the way. No lace. No cables. And definitely no heel flaps or freakin' gussets. Just afterthought/peasant from now on. I'm really starting to hate having to *think* while I'm knitting.

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