Sunday, January 25, 2009

Witch Hair and curses

New roving up on the shop last night... "Witch Hair". When I saw that streaky black and purple braid, I knew there wasn't anything else to call it.

On to the home life. First of all, why is it only weirdos and politicians that ask to follow my Twitter feed? I mean, I don't mind if the people I'm following myself ask to follow me back... that's just courtesy. But random ones I've never even heard of? Especially when their profiles are a little... odd? No thank you. Help me out folks, and let me get some real people on my feed.

Second, never let your husband pick a movie for the Saturday night entertainment. Barronius picked some weird Thai horror film (dubbed, fortunately... or not) and while I'll watch a good Freddy or Jason flick, this thing was gross. I was in the Army, and I couldn't stand to watch a good portion of this film. Let's just say Cambodian curses don't screw around. I had been thinking about getting into glass fusing for the shop, but I don't think I'll ever touch a blowtorch again. Or fish hooks. Or soup. Bleahrrrgh.

Grocery trip later today. I've started using DVO's Cook'n software to manage my menu and get the food budget under control... I got tired of having leftovers that ended up getting thrown away at the end of the week. Now, by picking meals ahead of time, practicing a little portion control, and only cooking big meals every other day, we've knocked about 50% off our food budget without feeling like we did anything. I've also gone back to shopping sales and using the freezer more... I've always done that, but I've gotten more strict about what constitutes a "bargain". The software is not the best recipe management software I've used, and the website's articles have a decidedly biased religious slant, but it was the only one that didn't have ridiculous licensing hoops to jump through every time I had to reinstall. After about the fifth time of asking "Living Cookbook" to reset my license on their servers because my operating system had gone FUBAR, and then they didn't even bother to answer my request, I decided to move on. Mastercook has had severe bugs for many years, and is basically abandonware. So I'm stuck with DVO.

Later today I may try video taping my time at the spinning wheel. I haven't decided yet.

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