Monday, December 28, 2009

Food: A Nice Brisket

Christmas dinner went well... mostly because (in my opinion) I didn't have the super-duper extended menu I have every year. I went simple, with a nice pre-seasoned brisket, two kinds of potatoes (sweet and not, mashed) and baby carrots. Yeah, I had two kinds of orange vegetables, and no greens except for the side salad, so it may not have been visually stunning, but it was delicious. It was a sizable cut of beef, and we only left about a third of it.

Leftovers mash-up the following day was a kind of improvised taco/fajita thing with the leftover beef on flour tortillas. Throw in some sauteed onions and salsa and sour cream, and you seriously feel like you're in heaven with the first bite.

Had there been more beef left, I would have gone the orange beef lo mein route, but... it was not to be this year I guess.

Now I have to figure out when I'm making the extra turkey I picked up at Thanksgiving time for super-cheap. It's taking up a lot of freezer real estate, and I'm going to need that space before the Easter ham extravaganza. I'll probably roast it off for New Years, package the extra meat, and maybe can a couple of quarts of turkey stock from the wings and carcass. I like having a pressure canner again... makes for more versatile canning.

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