Friday, December 11, 2009

Television: Yummy Brits, Hiatus, and ARG!

Fringe this week was amazing, thanks in part to the yummy new addition of Sebastian Roche (Oddysey 5) as an evil scientist. Poor baby... it's typecasting.

The Dollhouse double-feature was amazing, also. Damn FOX and their squeamish, skittish ways. Only two more episodes and it's all over.

Stargate: Universe is trying to be the new "Battlestar Galactica" and in a way, that kind of ticks me off. The rest of the Stargate sagas were... well, like a half-way step towards Trek utopia. You know, the universe where everyone works toward the good of the planet, because we find out we're not alone? SG:U feels more like we're moving towards the corporate space travel in ALIEN... grim, gray and bleak. I don't like it. I get that no matter if they're here on Earth, or working in space, people are going to act human no matter what. There's going to be fights, and jealousy, and betrayal. But damn... no matter how much someone acts like a dick, you don't maroon him on an alien planet two billion miles from Earth.

It's just not done. Plus, with a guy too smart for his own good, it's gonna come back and bite you in the ass.

Enough cryptic for this week?


  1. I'm such a slacker with this season of Fringe. What a sorry sack of a fan I am!!!!

    Know that I have a DVR in my room there is absolutely no excuse.

  2. Heh, well we all fall behind sometimes. I have been slacking on the CSIs and Bones... not in a forensic kind of mood I guess.

    But catch up on Fringe this weekend... last week was a monster-of-the-week, but yesterday's episode gets back to the whole "pattern" thing. And Walter is heartbreaking in both episodes... such a good actor, that man.