Thursday, December 3, 2009

Knitting: 'Tis The Season

... for rushed knitting. There are always projects started with good intentions on Dec 1st, saying to yourself "I swear I will devote time to this every day so it will be done on time!" and then the obligation seems more like an annoyance.

Surely my husband doesn't need a pair of hand-knit socks this year? He didn't ask for them, and I didn't tell him I was making them, so it doesn't count, right?

I am working on some brown, part-silk socks for him in brown, since he always complains of cold feet. I am also working on the lace-sampler shawl from Knit-picks, not because I want to but because if I wasn't knitting something in front of him it would look suspicious. So I cast it on one evening while we were watching V. However I must like the pattern, since I frogged and re-started it because I didn't like how it looked with the size needles suggested. I went down two sizes and it looks much better.

Tis also the season for drinking hot coffee in the morning instead of soda for my caffeine. The winds coming off the (praries?) empty lot across the street are mighty cold. If I wasn't sitting on concrete steps waiting with my daughter for the school bus across from a gas station, I'd swear I was a pioneer woman waiting for her man to bring home a deer for stew.

Last night I ordered some Ghirardelli chocolates and hot chocolate mix to appease the little moppet, since she has been told she does not get to drink coffee till she's much older.

"But I'm cold too!" she says. And goodness knows I never have any cocoa powder left in the house to make my own mix like I'd prefer. So I ordered some seasonal chocolates for Christmas morning and some of their cocoa mix.

Oh! And to get back on schedule, I also have some shop news... new jewelry items in the shop! I got a wild yen to do a chainmaille bracelet with sparklies embedded. My pictures, of course, look like crap again. I have ordered a new battery pack for my camera, so perhaps once it's installed I'll have time to fiddle with all the proper settings when I take a picture. There is also a two-needle stitched necklace of the crackle beads I used for the stitch markers for a knitter's retreat earlier this year. More sparkly goodness. It makes for a decently weighty necklace.

There probably won't be a TV post tomorrow, since the holidays have thinned out the new episodes of most shows. Just FYI. :D

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