Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gaming: Finally!

Well I'm off the Dragon Age: Origins obsession. At last. I guess the fourth and fifth playthroughs are not meant to be, eh?

Although I think the dimming of my enthusiasm had more to do with the somehow inexplicable and sudden deterioration of my machine's ability to render the gamplay at any faster than one frame per second.

I have the Steam version of the game, so it's possible that some new patch was invisibly applied, and they somehow broke the game. Or it may be that my video card is dying. I may never know. But waiting five seconds to watch your guy make one sword pass at an enemy is just four seconds too long, you know?

While looking for my next gaming obsession, I have tried once again to introduce Monkeypants to the fun and excitement of the "Back to the Future" movie series. We've been watching one a night. This time, it was no longer boring for her, and it was intensely gratifying to hear her laughing at Doc Brown's antics, and hearing her try to describe the clock tower scene in part one(easily one of the most nail-biting inducing movie sequences of the last fifty years in cinema) is hysterical.

I do like it when I'm right about stuff. :D I think I have to try to hold back my enthusiasm, and wait to show her the stuff I think is neat until she's ready to appreciate it. It's pretty hard though.

More gifts are wrapped and placed in the pile. Almost everything has arrived, with a few exceptions, but it looks like they'll be here later in the week, so Christmas is in the bag. So to speak. A full accounting of the gifts for MP and Barronius will be forthcoming after the "shredding". I'd call it the "opening of the gifts" but I'm trying for honesty, here. :P

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