Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gaming: One MILLION dollars...

Steam has been having huge sales over the Christmas holidays... sometimes 80% off titles. I'm ashamed to say instead of buying the luxurious yarn of my dreams (Yes, cashmere and Noro are on that list) I bought games. Several games. Some of them I owned already on disk... which seems stupid until you realize that if you can pick up a title for $1.99, it's worth the "upgrade" to disk-less game playing.

One such title I picked up that I already owned was the brilliant masterpiece that nobody played, "Evil Genius". It's a resource/building simulation in which you play an evil Bond-style villain who is setting up his/her evil lair in a mountain on a remote island. You recruit minions, build specialized rooms in your base, commit acts of infamy in the world map, and try to keep the "good" agents from coming in and wreaking havoc by placing ingenious traps around your base. No shark tanks, unfortunately. It's still on sale for $1.99, so if you're into time-management or strategy titles, it'd be a good time to pick it up.

I also finally broke down and got "Torchlight" while it was half-price. After the obsession with Dragon Age, I really didn't want to get into another RPG, but this one is different enough that I don't feel badly about it. It's like a strange cross between "Diablo" and the old arcade game, "Gauntlet". I like it alright, but I'm sort of disappointed that in order to play a female character, I am stuck with ONE class. That just bites.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some missile silos to build into the side of my mountain-island lair.

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