Thursday, December 10, 2009

Store Stuff Update: Thoughts But No Action

While I've been inspired to do plenty of jewelry and other items in the metal areas of craftiness, I haven't acted on many of them. Mostly, a lot of planning... I can see cutting the metal, soldering it, rearranging pieces and making them fit, all in my head.

A jewelry hobby is an expensive mistress, though. Whether I need to buy materials, or already have the materials, it still makes you want to wince when you cut into a tiny piece of silver sheet that costs over $20 at today's prices. Even materials that can be rescued if it gets screwed up, like crystal beads, are not cheap at initial purchase.

A recent issue of "Jewelry Artist" arrived in the mail, and it has some wonderful articles about soldering and other types of joins. While I didn't care for the endless articles about Jasper (it's not my favorite stone), the construction of the pieces were interesting and informative. It made me think about cutting apart some soda cans just to play with the techniques.

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