Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knitting: Moving into the lead...

... is the Sophia cardigan from French Girl Knits. It's the one pictured on the cover. I had three skeins of cream-colored Knit Picks Gloss in heavy worsted-weight left over from the failure that was the Blanket Coat. The three skeins got me through the right half, and a portion of the left half. The unravelled sleeves from the blanket coat ought to get me through the rest of the left half and the twisted trim. I'm working the trim right now. Yep, I'm near completion. Have I done a stitch on my husband's late Christmas socks? Heck no.

I LOOOOVE sock yarn, hate knitting socks. Go figure.

The shawl has also been hibernating, but then that's in my TV watching spot, and the holidays make for bad TV.

Next in the queue is a cute kid's hoodie in blue for my daughter. It should be a fast knit. If I have still not done anything on the socks by the time that's done, I will buckle down and do them. He's constantly complaining that his feet are cold... he needs some good warm socks.

After that, I may do Wrenna from French Girl Knits. I did warn you a few months ago that when it arrived in the mail I wanted to knit every single thing in it. I may do it yet. I certainly have enough yarn.

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