Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gaming: Dragon Age Continues

So not too long ago, I bored all of you with my endless gushing over Dragon Age: Origins.  Well, there was an expansion pack, Dragon Age: Awakening, and so far it's a good one.  I still have to play "mash the ESC key" over and over because I can read the dialogue faster than the voice actors can speak it, but as an RPG, it's still solid.  You can import your characters from the first segment, or start fresh.  Any weapons I was carrying that had runes installed were emptied of the runes, but otherwise I had all my gear after the import.

The game also remembered that my imported character had married Alistair, who was now King of Esteldin.  There was some smoochy talk at the end of a cut scene and some dialogue options that supported this status.  I won't give away much of the plot, but it seems interesting so far.

I have not played it all the way through, so I can't tell if the expansion has enough entertainment hours in it to justify the hefty price, but so far the quality of the voice acting and encounters is just as solid as the base game.  I recommend it.

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