Friday, April 23, 2010

Television: Time Travel in the Modern Age

This week was Fringe, Fringe, and more Fringe.  Trying to get hubby caught up to where I am was both fun and frustrating at the same time.  As a result, we did not watch last night, but at least now he's finally seen the very moving "White Tulip" episode.  It involved time travel, so you know I'm all over that.

I sometimes have this theory that I'm so fascinated by time travel because my life has untapped potential... if I hadn't done this, if I hadn't met this person, or joined the Army, how different would my life be?  Would it be better?  Worse?  Where would I be living right now?  It's a fool's game, but it does make the time-travel genre fascinating.  Speaking of which...

The new season of Dr. Who has premiered on BBC America, complete with a new Doctor.  I  don't care for him.... he looks young enough to be playing Harry Potter.  And his companion is equally young.  I think the BBC has a case of that CW disease I'm always complaining about... too many very young, pretty people.  And I don't think it's because I just got older; their faces have no character.  I must say that the story for the season premiere was quite good though.  I shall just have to get used to these new faces.  And thank goodness the companion doesn't have a family this time around... I was getting tired of the other companion's trips "back home" to see their moms, boyfriends, and grandfathers.  Can we stay out of Cardiff for a while now?

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