Friday, April 16, 2010

Television: Not your average apocalypse

Supernatural surprised me this week with a relatively cerebral 100th episode.  I was expecting a condensed version of "Die Hard" and instead we got something thoughtful and poignant.  Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby, amazed me with his subtle facial expressions.  Sam and Dean actually *talked* for the first time in a long time.  Sure, there was a crap-ton of angel-slaying, with Misha Collins as Castiel kicking some major ass, but all-in-all this was a thinking-person's episode.  Very cool in my book.

I did not get to watch V this week.  Getting  my husband hooked on the same shows as me is both a blessing and a curse.  I like having an in-house sounding board for all my crackpot ideas and theories, but if he doesn't have the time to sit down and watch with me, I'm kinda screwed.  I'm just getting him caught up on Fringe right now, I'll see what I can do about V this weekend.

LOST finally answered the question of what's going on with the whispers.  I'm a little surprised they went in the direction they did, because it's still feeding that whole "the island is purgatory" nonsense.  Maybe they denied it was purgatory way back in season one because they were peeved people figured it out so fast.  Dunno.  I won't pronounce anything proven until the credits roll on the last episode.

On the DVD side of things, I've re-watched the first season of Fringe, the first season of Castle, and gotten farther in the old canceled "Witchblade" than I did last time.  All to serve my afghan knitting.

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