Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Knitting: Still Going

I now have a total of seven squares completed.  That's not a lot this week is it?  Between the dentist, the nap sneak-attacks, and other crap, I haven't gotten much done.  I did receive my order for the extra yarn, so I will be making it a 4x5 quilt for a total of 20 squares.

Oh for gosh's sake, coffee... finish brewing already!

I decided it would be fun to list any items I added to the tail end of my Ravelry knitting queue.  Added this week are:  The Know-it-all Programmable Felted Bag and Anthemion.  The Know it All is really interesting, because it's an electronic pattern-keeper built into the bag, with the pathways to the LED lights stitched by you in metallic thread.  It sounds crazy, but it works!  At least from what I can tell on the video on Knitty.  That speaks to the freaky crafting geek within me.

What's coming up in the Ravelry queue:  Girly Top (about six of them if I ever finish this afghan) Monkey Business Kit, and the Carmen Banana kit.

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