Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Knitting: Bugging me

Tuesday was day one of weaning myself off the pain meds.  I have another half-day left, but I'm a bit paranoid about any medication I get that's a controlled substance, so I try to make the switch to OTC early, saving the powerful stuff for later in the recovery when the ibuprofen won't cut it.  Though I think this procedure finally has me to the point where I'll be pain *free*.  Yes.  I wonder what that's like?

I'm also happy to report that I have finished FIVE squares of the new afghan project.  I think I'm averaging one and a half squares a day.  I think they'd go faster if I wasn't obsessively weaving in all my ends as I go, but once the blanket is finished, the last thing I'm going to want to do is weave in a bazillion ends.  Anyway, there are 12 squares total in the project, although I'm thinking about ordering extra yarn and making it a 4x5 (20 total) afghan instead of a 3x4 (12 total) afghan.  I don't like having to stretch a blanket to cover my toes.  I like being totally swathed in them, without fiddling and effort.

I was tempted to cast on my next project, a Girly Top cotton tee, but even though I threaded the size four tips onto one of my circular needle cords, I stopped there.  Yay me!  I am determined to not let the Classic Lines Cardigan undo my so-far successful New Year's resolution to knit one thing at a time.  I have slipped on buying yarn, but at least I'm still practicing serial knitting monogamy.  

The tee pattern looks simple enough, though, that I may get bored with it.  Right now I'm frustrated with the start-and-stop nature of the modular knitting of the afghan.  I'm hoping they will balance each other out.

As soon as the exterminator (he STILL has not made his visit, the idiot) leaves tomorrow, I will be setting up my table again and possibly take a small break from knitting to make a nice tote bag out of the ultrasuede I bought a few weeks ago.  It looks like a half-day project... square cuts and straight lines.  I shall also set up my lighting for taking pictures and maybe get some shots of the finished CLC, my afghan in progress, and some hand spun yarn to show off.

Quite honestly, if he is a no-show again tomorrow, I'm giving up and putting all my pots and pans back in the cupboards.  He can bite me.

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