Friday, April 9, 2010

Television: Gobsmacked?

**I have a dentist's appointment early Friday morning, so this is being written Thursday night.  Please excuse any errors in... continuity?  Tenses?

Well if you read my food post on Monday and my Knitting post yesterday, you know I went nuts on TV watching over the weekend, and this week's normally scheduled shows were right in there.  There's a lot to cover so I'll try to stick to the high points.

I had a serious backlog of "Caprica" episodes... the last six of the season, I found out.  Whether this is a normal season, or an "extended hiatus" as seems to be very popular lately, I don't know.  But the show has gotten really good.  Not just my usual "ooh it's techy and cool" good, I mean "wow, these characters are going to some very interesting places" good.  The Adama father going into V-world to find his dead daughter Tamara's avatar, only to be rejected when he finds her because he's killing himself spending so much time in the virtual world.  And to be pushed out of it by Doc Fraser from Stargate SG-1, well that's just a shocker.  Clearly she's had her eye on him for a while.

"Fringe" finally told us the story of how "our" Peter died and Walter crossed over to a parallel universe to find his alternate.  It might be more accurate to say that Walter told Olivia the story, and we happened to be observing at the time.  Either way, my empathy for Walter's predicament was played upon just right.

"Supernatural" is heading down a dark path.  While the boys were in heaven, they didn't see much that would make them want to strive to be there.  And the angels were just rude.  As I mentioned in the Ravelry SPN group, I don't see Dean wanting to help out God's warriors any time soon.  But I'm keeping an eye out for a trumpet player all the same.  The showdown isn't far away.

In the crime-procedural oeuvre, CSI: NY now has Madchen Amik in a recurring guest-star spot as Mac's new love interest.  Lucky girl.  And "forgotten"'s Christian Slater has a new gal on his team as well.  Wasn't Valentine's day a few months ago?  What's with all the detectives getting dates all of a sudden?  Even Bones and Booth are getting frisky-ish.

"V" has come back with a bang, thank goodness.  They can stop splashing big bright red letters all over my precious "Lost".  We know it's still here... shaddup about it already.

This week's LOST was excellent, too, offering great insights into Desmond's role in everything, just WHO the heck was sitting in the rocking chair way back when Locke was still Locke and not Smokey, and tiny subtle clues as to how it all ties together.  The conversation on Ravelry this week turned to the rabbits in the lab, and I made an observation, which I will cut and paste here: 

One of the chapters in Stephen King’s “On Writing”, a non-fictional book about his thoughts on writing and how he thinks he became a writer, there is an exercise where he’s trying to illustrate how writing a novel can be a form of time travel and telepathy at the same time. The exercise asks you to picture a rabbit in a cage, on a table with a tablecloth. The rabbit has a large number 8 painted on its side. His point is that he, the writer, wrote this several months before you read it (that’s the time travel part) but you’re both seeing pretty much the same thing in your heads (the telepathy part). Some small details might be different, such as the shape of the table, the color of the cloth and so forth, but you’re essentially picturing the same thing.

When I read “On writing” for the second time, it was after several seasons of LOST had passed, but it was written in the late 90s I think, and I was struck by the similarity with the rabbit, the number, and the concept of time travel/telepathy all tied together.
I don’t know if it means anything but I thought I’d throw it out there.

Chuck, unfortunately, did not record properly this week because COMCAST sucks.

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