Friday, April 30, 2010

Television: A Week of Glee

I guess "Glee" came back from a long hiatus this week... FOX decided to have musical episodes on a lot of their shows to plug celebrate, including "Fringe".  There must have been some kind of financial compensation for participating, because the episode "Brown Betty" has to be a low point in the "Fringe" series.  Don't get me wrong, it had its cute moments, but honestly you could tell that there was no effort to integrate the singing with flair or panache.  They had a minimum to achieve, and they stuck to it.

"Supernatural" is kicking ass... and apparently, they can say "ass" on the CW now, because they said it with serious punch at least twice during "The Devil You Know".  Mark Shepard made the episode, though.  His portrayal of Crowley was snarky and fun as usual.  "Oh, I may have let it slip that we're lovers in league against Satan... Hullo Darlin'".  If you want to relegate an upper-level demon to a tormented future, I think that's the way to get it done.

I think the dueling hellhounds would have been more impressive if we'd actually seen a glimpse of one once in a while.  You know, "Hollow Man" style.

LOST took a week off, inexplicably.  I think there must have been a delay somewhere in the post-production pipeline, because we were promised an interruption-free end of the season.  Oh well, I'd rather have it polished and late than on-time and sloppy.

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