Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knitting: The End is Near

No, I'm not standing on a street corner with a sandwich board sign, and this is not the movie 2012.  I am THIS close to being done with the Classic Lines Cardigan.  In fact, by the time you read this, I may already be done.

As I mentioned in my food post on Monday, my family was marvelous on the holiday weekend and let me have run of the livingroom TV for almost the entire weekend.  And I went nuts.  By the time I caught up with my backlog of "Caprica" episodes (Eric Stoltz has aged well, yum) I had joined the sleeves to the body and begun the raglan decreases.  Amusingly, my next show was the latest episode of "Fringe" where Walter goes to an alternate universe where "Back to the Future" starring Eric Stoltz is playing.

Aparently he was originally cast in the role, but focus groups didn't like him.  Can you imagine the classic lines with him in the role?  Boggles the mind.

At the end of "Lost" last night, I had not only finished the raglan decreases on the sleeves, and knit the collar band and sewn it down, I had picked up and knit the right side band and knit the turning row for it.

Actually I probably would have been done with it at that point in time if I hadn't waffled so much about the STEEKING.

I am expecting the exterminator tomorrow, so I had taken down my sewing table and sewing machine so I'd have room to pull all my pots, pans and dishes out of the cupboards.  I did NOT want to hand-sew the reinforcements for the steeks, and my machine was unavailable.  After waffling, procrastinating, and whinging for a half an hour, I finally said to myself that the yarn stuck to itself so much while I was knitting, it will stick together without reinforcing stitches.

So far, I was right.  I'm not going to be shoving it into a project bag and taking it down to the bus stop tomorrow morning though.  I'm not that stupid.

So next week I expect to be reporting to you how many squares I've gotten done on the New Traditions Afghan kit.

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  1. Awesome post!

    I LOVE, love, love me some Eric Stoltz. I think he'd have made a great Marty McFly, if Michael J. wasn't perfection, that is.

    I'm trying to finish my shawl soon so I can move on to a simple sweater. I'm being careful not to overdo it, but I have an appointment in a few weeks to check my wrist. I want it to be in "normal knitting usage" condition so he can see what's going on.