Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miscellaneous: The Lists

... and now I have that Hall n' Oates song stuck in my head.  At least it's not the Weird Al Yankovic version of "Happy Birthday"

For my loving friends and family who read my blog, here are the wish lists I have scattered like errant apple seeds all over the internet.  Have fun, and thank you for asking.

Barnes and Noble:  These goofy people put my full name in the link.  No posting it here.  Plus I don't think you can purchase their ebooks as gifts, which is mega stupid.  I would love a gift card if it can be used online for ebooks though! 
(The Jinx one is acting a bit funny, but if you search for my email address I think a corrected one comes up)

I must say, most of these places make it really, really hard to share your list.  I shouldn't have to email my own list to myself just so I can get the damn link... the html code should be right there, but no.  They hide them with javascripts and all sorts of nonsense, and insist that you email the wishlist to someone directly instead of being able to just slap it on your blog.  I think that's intrusive.  It's the difference between leaving a list typed up on your desk, that someone can come by and peruse at their leisure, as opposed to typing it up, carrying it to their desk and shoving it under their nose, saying "Here, buy this for MEEEEEEE!!!"  Ugh.

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