Monday, February 23, 2009

Emerald City is up!

Dusted off the very-lived-in new workbench this morning, and photo-taking commenced. Now I just have to wait for my weak camera battery pack (I really need to replace that thing) to recharge before I can get to the new stitch markers.

Didn't it turn out pretty?

I'm having trouble with white balance now that I'm not just plopping items on the scanner. On the plus side, my turquoise colors actually look like what they should.

Checking the My UPS page, I see that my new jewelry supplies are coming in today (yay!) but my new blank roving is not coming in until Thursday (boo!). I was pretty good over the weekend, spending-wise. I only broke down and bought one shiny new tool... a cordless dremel. And the only reason was we were in Walmart getting shop towels, and it was cheaper there than through Amazon.

The jewelry supplies not only include more wire sizes, but a butane torch for soldering at higher temperatures (and with a finer tip!) than I could manage with my old soldering iron from my stained-glass foray eight years ago. The tip on my old iron is HUGE. I'm a little nervous about the torch. It gets up to 2300 degrees F.

When I was a child, maybe seven or eight years old, I remember going to bible school on Sunday morning. We were doing some kind of craft thing. I don't remember what it was exactly, but I do know it involved candles, because I caught my hair on fire. I remember starting to take off running down the hall (possibly in search of my grandmother) in a blind panic, when my wise great-aunt Donna grabbed me by the arm and slapped the side of my head. A trim of the hair, and I was fine.

I've been in the Army, fired an M16, a rocket launcher, and worked with tools designed for tanks, but fire still makes me nervous. I don't care if it's the equivalent of a very hot lighter, I still have visions of it somehow blowing up and sending schrapnel everywhere. BUT... I'm still going to use it because it's the only way to do a proper job.

I will definitely be putting my hair up, though.

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