Saturday, February 7, 2009

Workbench Saga Pt. 3

After lugging two big boxes up, I am required to tell you that my husband is "the bomb" (his choice of words, hah).

Here, we see my empty workspace after clearing out the detested folding table (note the dyestains on the carpet):

The work station before the de-boxing:

All the parts in their bubble-wrapped glory:

I must say, Kobalt pays serious attention to detail. Not only are all the parts numbered, but all the plastic wrapping is also numbered. So if you start pulling the plastic off the parts without thinking before assembling, you're not sitting there with a sinking feeling in your stomach as you've just realized you just de-numbered all the parts. The finish on this thing is a glossy, piano-black finish. You can tell it's a really layered coat too... we've already slipped with the screwdriver once or twice and it's barely phased it.

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