Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not today, Zerg!

No long post about the neighbor guy's insights on TV today... while there was a lot of good information in that conversation, it's really only applicable if you're in my situation. Meaning a tiny apartment with crummy cable service.

Life is good today. A monetary windfall allowed me to place my fiber and wire orders early, which means they'll have an extra day to ship out. Stoked! Paydays on Friday really suck when it comes to getting your money's worth on shipping. There's simply no point in getting free two-day delivery if the weekend comes in the middle and messes it up. I think this will be my last year of Amazon's Prime membership too... same deal.

I also got to order more of the fancy fibers than I was planning, too... that great bamboo and tencel that people seem to love. Three pounds of each! So we'll be neck-deep in pretty fluffy stuff. Squee!

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