Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who was that whiny person?

I don't know who that lady was who posted yesterday. It's possible it was the same lady who is posting today, but with a worse attitude. :D

It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for you... I slept so well, that I woke up a half an hour before the alarm this morning (which is practically unheard of). My *back* isn't too happy about it, but it's a trade I'm willing to make.

It also helps that I found a very inexpensive supplier this morning for brass wire. It's one of those "Mom n' Pop" type websites, though, and this will be my first time ordering from them, so I'm a little nervous. Hopefully this will turn out to be a reliable, inexpensive supplier. Cross your fingers!

I also got some knitting done last night for a change, which I have yet to plug into my yarn meter over there on the right. I'm making slow progress on the "Amused" pattern from Knitty in some leftover Delft Heather Swish. Yes, I am knitting from my stash. Don't fall over in shock.

I also made some progress on my painting, such as it is. I prepped the canvas the other day, and got the background laid out. It's been so long since I worked a canvas that I'm nervous about screwing it up. I'm using acrylic, since these days I'm worried about the toxicity of my mediums... my work space is just way too close to the kitchen for the really nasty type stuff. My grandmother is way allergic to oil paints and their thinners, so that's just enough to make me say "Hmmm... sticking with the safer stuff, thank you!"

Oh, and I managed to get 3 dozen cookies and 3 dozen valentines made yesterday. The cookies were severely depleted by two culprits who live here, and I'm not one of them. So it's a distinct possibility I'm baking again today. I'll have to survey the damage and make a call on that later. :D

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