Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Texas by way of Bon Temps

Is it possible to be homesick for someplace that's not your home town? I may miss Minnesota most of the winter, but in February I start to miss New Orleans. I miss the food, I miss the coffee, but most of all I miss Mardi Gras... not the boob-flashing side (you people who went there, you know who you are!) but the general feeling of festivity. The excitement of yelling just loud enough to the guy on the float to get his attention so he throws you something. The costumes. The feeling of celebration that tells you everyone is happy to be alive... next morning with a hangover is a different story. :D

It might be why I latched on to the show "True Blood" so hard. Bon Temps is a fictional city (named for the New Orleans saying "Le Bon Temps Roulez" or "let the good times roll" I'm guessing) but the show has captured much of the feeling in small-town Louisiana. Their vocal coach must be amazing.

So my next two rovings are "True Blood" themed. Can you guess what they are named? (hover over the thumbnails for the answer)

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