Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tentatively titled...

The very last, last two bits of Merino/Tencel I had left in raw stock before my next shipment arrives next week is in the rinsing stage right now. I've temporarily named them "Emerald City", but that is subject to change. When it dries, it may have a completely different character/feel to it.

I'm working up the nerve to do some videos for YouTube, mostly spinning, jewelry assembly, and possibly some dyeing. I'd be a one-woman show, so fancy things like zooming in on detail would be impossible. I'd have to set up the camera, and just remind myself not to move out of frame.... that, or shoot my own B roll and intercut it later. When and if I do this thing, it will be announced here for sure, on Plurk, and on Twitter.

And wow, I went super-linky yesterday. Please rest assured that was an over-enthusiastic wish to share my lovelovelove for Joss Whedon's work, and probably won't happen again... at least not until next week. :D

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