Monday, February 9, 2009

What's coming next...

Interestingly today, just minutes after my new order of blank roving (64ct merino and a merino/tencel blend) showed up, I get an email from one of the minions over at the Lime n' Violet podcast website, and I was mentioned in their "Yarn Porn" segment! I *know*! How awesome was that? And they had such nice things to say, too.

But the best part? They pronounced both my user name and my shop name correctly. Like, nailed it. If there was an olympic judge scoring it, it'd be 10s across the board. Yeah! And believe me, there are many ways that people can screw those up. (It's a good thing I didn't use my other favorite user name, Diela... nobody ever gets that right).

So anyhoo, now with the shop bench up and getting seriously "lived in" the next plan (besides more roving, and jewelry) are more tools that I have been waiting for years to buy. A cordless Dremel tool, with all the accessories I can use, which includes a workstation that turns it into a mini drill-press, and a bench vise that will hold it stationary for those times I need a mini bench grinder. I am also going to invest in some serious amounts of wire in larger gauges, since I want to move into hair sticks and shawl pins.

If we get a decent refund from the tax men, I will also request that I can get a little portable DVD player with an iPod dock and a video input so I can either watch or listen to podcasts at my bench, or play a DVD, or use it to run a miniature of the video from the main TV behind my back so I can see and hear what's streaming from Netflix. I mean, right now I could hear it, but I'd have to turn away from my work to actually see what's going on. And since right now my "Watch Now" queue is filled with "Hercules" I'm gonna want to see it. Yep, hubba hubba on Kevin Sorbo and all those Minnesotan muscles. Yum.

If we don't get a decent refund, it will just take longer. Birthday is right around the corner. :D

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